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7/29/08 12:15 am - Writer's Block: Last Call

What makes you feel better when you're mad?

If i was on a plane that was about to crash i would probably pray SO MUCH i wouldnt even want to call anyone because i would just want people finding out later on. if i called anyone right before i was about to die they would prob. go commit suicide so i wouldnt want to tell anybody i would just pray for forgiveness and then wait to die basically.

7/10/08 12:53 pm - Writer's Block: In the Shoes of an Extravagant Restaurant Owner

If you started a restaurant, what would it serve, what would it look like and what would you name it? You have an unlimited budget.

my restaurant would serve cheese burgers without the bun and it would only serve atkins diet food.
and it would be called shajorfreck's burgers and it would have awesome colors inside like purple and orange and all the workers would have to wear red shirts and jeans and nike shoes or else their fired and their allowed to wear any piercing and tattoos or their fired again. our motto would be : no shirt, no shoes, full service. because you wouldn't be able to wear shoes since the table and chairs would be in a shallow pool and on the opposite side of the restaurant there would be a pool area but you can only go in it if you pay $10 per person.

7/9/08 12:06 am - Writer's Block: Birthmarks, rebirthmarks, etc.

What kind of birthmark do you have? How does it look? If you don't have one already, what kind of birthmark would you like to have?

i have a birthmark on my butt and on the left side of my face near my eye but they aren't huge they're normal sized

7/8/08 10:43 pm - Writer's Block: Define Cheater

What is your definition of cheating?

well a cheater is someone that goes to someone else other than the person that they are going out with and does stuff with them
i.e sex, oral sex, kissing, touching and things of that nature.
i believe that once your a cheater your always a cheater.

7/8/08 10:44 am - Writer's Block: Hope

What gives you hope for your future? How about hope for your world's future? Is hope hard to maintain?

i think that god gives me hope for my future and he can give hope for anyones future all you need is faith. hope won't be hard to maintain as long as you remember who died for you.

3/30/08 01:54 am - Writer's Block: No Laughing Matter

What do you think is too serious to joke about?
nothing is too serious to joke about. people need to have a sense of humor and laugh a little once in a while.
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